Barcelos flamed grilled customer care

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  1. Calendxy & gift magagula

    Hi, I’d like to state that I’m truly unhappy with the type of service we reveived at Barcelons in boshoff street we had tried phoning in with my husband to order a meal and it kept on saying number busy for over an hour it continueosly kept on saying number busy from 23:30 right up until 00:30 and ended up having to drive there and place the order and when I asked one of the ladies why weren’t their phones ringing and kept on saying number busy she gave me attitude and stated that the number was busy and I was there and I tried calling the number the phone was behind some speaker and it was unattended too but still it kept on saying number busy when I phoned that lady who gave me awful attitude didn’t even bother to give a solid explanation I phoned the ff number 033 345 5582

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