The Barcelos Product Menu

Just as we cater for various cultures, we cater for various needs and tastes. For those in a hurry, we have a fast food menu.
Those who require a leisurely meal with family or friends can relax in our restaurants. Our chicken is marinated for 24 hours,
prior to being char-grilled on open flame gas griddles, in one of our four primary spicy flavours of marinade. These marinades are
blended from a variety of tantalising spices combined with various strengths of Peri-Peri spices, fresh chilies and the infamous
Bird's Eye Chili. You have a choice of Tangy Lemon, Mild Peri, Veri Peri, and for the super daring and hot spirited individuals, we have our famous Supa Peri marinade. Since “variety is the spice of life”, we have “spiced-up” our menu to include chicken
burgers, kebabs, shcwarma, hot crispy fries, garlic rolls, stir-fries, salads and kids’ meals.

If you want flavour that is absorbed right down to the bone, and larger portions at a lower cost, then take your first step on a flavour-filled journey to your nearest Barcelos outlet.